The Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy in Louisville KY

by | May 19, 2017 | Health

Hormone imbalances can cause some symptoms and problems in adults. Hair loss, mood swings, low energy, dizziness, loss of libido are just a few issues that may be attributed to hormones. Serious complications can include the development of breasts in males, excessive facial and body hair in females, and a severely weakened immune system. Imbalances affect both men and women and can be difficult to detect because signs and symptoms can mimic other conditions. Anxiety, for example, can also cause hair loss, low energy, and reduced libido. High blood pressure can result in dizziness, and illness can bring about mood swings. If previous interventions have not been successful, ask your primary care physician about the possibility of a hormone imbalance. It may be something that has yet to be considered.

Levels decrease during the natural aging process, but can also be altered due to stress, medications, medical treatments or procedures, pregnancy, and poor nutrition. Specific testing is conducted before any Hormone Replacement Therapy in Louisville KY can begin. It is essential to identify the particular hormone that is depleted to properly restore levels. Once that is completed, customized treatment plans can be created by licensed professionals and supervised by physicians. Since every person has different symptoms, reactions, and desired outcomes, a free consultation is offered to discuss the problem and the best solution to accommodate expectations and finances.

Depending on the particular hormone(s) that are causing the imbalance, it may be possible to get quick results with a dietary supplement or changes in eating habits. Other conditions may require injections, creams, or more advanced techniques for Hormone Replacement Therapy in Louisville KY. A crucial component of therapy is monitoring and continued testing to assess the success of the specific treatment plan. A free consultation is offered by top rated clinics, such as InShapeMD, to discuss the entire process, answer any questions, and let people know what changes to expect as the treatment is implemented. To learn more about the symptoms of imbalances and the benefits of replacement therapy, go to . Other services and programs include medically supervised weight loss and anti-aging products.

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