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The Basics of Gastroenterology in Petal MS

Gastroenterology is the field of medicine that is most concerned with the digestive system and the disorders that can occur in the digestion of food. The digestive system consists of all of the organs along the alimentary canal from the mouth to the anus. When you eat food and until it is expelled, it is in your digestive system; every organ it touches is part of the digestive system. There are many different types of diseases of the digestive system that a gastroenterologist will look for and can help treat.

Gastric Illnesses

Gastric illnesses range from routine illnesses such as the stomach flu or food poisoning to more devastating diseases such as cancer. These diseases can come from many different sources. Also, since many illnesses are the result of food or viruses that come into your body through your mouth, the gastrointestinal system is often the first place that would show symptoms of an illness. Even if you have a minor illness, you might wake up in gastric distress. Such distress a sign that other symptoms will come later. Therefore, a specialist in gastroenterology in Petal MS can often diagnose illnesses before other tests might show them.

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GI Tests

There are several types of gastrointestinal illness or disorders that you need to be tested for. Gastrointestinal distress could be a sign that you have eaten food that disagreed with you or it could be a sign of something much bigger. You won’t know the difference until you have been to a doctor and been tested. The doctor will perform several types of gastroenterology tests to determine what might be ailing you. Knowing what is happening in your digestive system is very important.

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