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Spinal Cord Stimulation, Epidural Back Injections and Medicinal Treatment for Chronic Joint Pain

Crippling back pain that cannot be abated with traditional measures of treatment might respond better to Spinal Cord Stimulation. This form of treatment sends moderate levels of electrical waves to the spine. It numbs the nerves that transmit signals to the brain. The body can’t tell the brain it’s feeling pain when nerve signals are on pause. Individuals receiving this treatment are to expect to have a device implanted in the spinal cord region. Through a small incision, a pulse generator is placed under the skin to send currents to the nerve on cue of pain. There are a few types of stimulators with pulse generator being the preferred type by most patients. The pulse generator has a rechargeable battery and doesn’t have to be replaced as often as other kinds. Spinal Cord Stimulation can provide full and stable pain relief that is not possible through other methods.

Joint discomfort is another type of pain that can be disruptive to daily life in severe cases. Arthritis of the knee is another wide scale problem among people with chronic pain. The knee has cushioned support that prevents friction between bones. Doctors at Aspire Pain Medical Center recommend corticosteriod soft tissue injections when no other form of treatment is sufficient. The medicine from the injections reduces inflammation by slowing down capillary dilation and making vessels that carry blood through the body less permeable. Corticosteriod injections curtail the reactions that increase the diameter of blood vessels. In short, the destructive behavior that attacks healthy tissue in the joints is put to an end.

Severe back injuries have happened in professional sports and other accidents. Some of these injuries cause unbearable pain. Epidural injections can deliver the extent of relief a person with an extreme degree of back pain needs. The term epidural refers to treatment covering the entire perimeter of the spinal cord. Patients first undergo tests that locate the source of back pain. Gaining access to the spine is done using standard procedure. The second step involves a fluoroscopy, or x-ray video. The doctor uses fluoroscopy to guide the needle to the right place. The needle needs to be directed to the epidural space located between the spine and spinal cord. A steroid solution is injected there to eradicate pain completely. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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