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Situations When You Should Consider Seeing a Foot Doctor

Since your feet are among the most important parts of your body, it’s important to maintain them. However, you might not focus on an issue until it results in pain or a visual change to your feet. Here are a few reasons to consider a visit to a doctor.

Pain or Numbness

One of the reasons to see a foot doctor in South Side Chicago is pain. This is an issue that can sometimes pair with numbness, which can often mask pain since you’re unable to completely feel your feet. Pain can be associated with an injury after performing an activity or could be an indication that there’s an issue with the nerves or blood flow.


Your toenails can sometimes hide bacteria and debris that you can’t see. This can result in an infection under and around the nail. You could see redness and drainage or experience pain in the toe that’s affected. If left untreated, then the infection could spread to other toes or begin to spread to the rest of your foot.

Sprains or Breaks

Whether you’re active during the day or you perform everyday tasks at home, there’s always the possibility that you could turn your foot in a way that results in a sprain. If there’s enough pressure or twisting involved, then a break could result. The toes are often the easiest to break since they’re smaller. Any time that you suspect an injury like these, you should consult with a foot doctor in South Side Chicago.

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