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Situations in Which You Need to Visit an Urgent Care Facility

Whenever you need medical attention, but the issue isn’t life-threatening, an urgent care in Orange Park can provide the relief you need. If you have the flu, have sprained your ankle, or been cut or burned, these facilities are there to help you and for only a portion of the price of the emergency room. However, if you feel that your symptoms are serious and could be the sign of an emergency, such as a heart attack, you should bypass the urgent care and go directly to a hospital emergency room.

Choosing Urgent Care

One of the biggest advantages of an urgent care clinic is that you will be cared for much more quickly than if you chose a hospital. In many cases, you will see a doctor within an hour, whereas some emergency rooms have lines that mean sitting around for many hours before even speaking to a physician. Another perk of urgent care in Orange Park is that they are often open every day of the year. They’re also far cheaper than the emergency room would be. Below we’ll look at a few health issues that can easily be handled by medical professionals at an urgent care clinic.

Strep Throat

When you have strep throat, you are extremely contagious. If you or a family member has symptoms of this medical issue, you need to be tested and diagnosed as quickly as possible. If it turns out you do have strep, you can be treated quickly which decreases your chance of spreading the illness. Since strep throat can advance quickly, it’s best to visit a clinic as soon as you see signs of it, rather than waiting days for a doctor’s appointment.

Minor Sprains & Breaks

Many urgent care facilities have X-ray technology that they can use on site. That means if you suffer a sports injury or a major fall, you should ice the area that is injured and then seek out urgent care. However, if you have suffered a fracture where you can see the bone coming out of the skin, you should seek out an emergency room. This also applies to injury to the back and neck.

Cuts & Minor Wounds

An urgent care clinic can handle stitches for a minor cut and do it much more quickly than an emergency room would. They can also provide you with antibiotics or administer a tetanus shot. This prevents your cut or wound from getting infected.

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