Signs and Symptoms of Autism: Does my child need ABA therapy in Miami FL?

by | Mar 3, 2023 | Health Care

As a caregiver or parents, one of the most important actions you can take is familiarizing yourself with typical developmental milestones. This information can help you gauge your child’s development and also alert you to the signs and symptoms of autism.

While not all children diagnosed with ABA therapy in Miami FL show signs and many children without autism do exhibit some of the following symptoms, talking to your family doctor or pediatrician is a smart step if you are concerned about your child not reaching certain developmental milestones.

By six months, an autistic infant may not give big smiles and other joyful, warm expressions. Infants with autism may also make limited eye contact or avoid it completely. At nine months, some children with autism don’t share smiles, facial expressions or sounds.

By the one-year mark, some children with autism don’t respond to their names or participate in back-and-forth gestures like waving, reaching or pointing. They may also forgo babbling. In the next year, they may say very few meaningful short phrases or none at all.

There are other symptoms that may become apparent at any age and indicate a possible need for ABA therapy in Miami FL or other treatments. These signs may include difficulty understanding the emotions of others, restricted interests, reputation of phrases or words, intense reactions to stimuli and avoidance of eye contact. If you observe these or other symptoms in yourself or a loved one, consider talking to your healthcare provider and contacting A1A Behavioral Health for ABA therapy in Miami FL.

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