Shoulder Pain May Actually Indicate Neck Injuries at the Neck Pain Specialist in Jonesboro GA, and Vice Versa

by | Apr 15, 2019 | Chiropractic

Patients have a willingness to trust their doctor when it comes to their injuries or pains. So when the pain is protruding from the shoulder, but the doctor says it is the neck, it may be a completely legitimate diagnosis.

The neck and shoulders are closely aligned structurally. The neck is a complex part of the body that has plenty of extensive nerves. It should not be taken for granted that pain coming from a single location could, in fact, not be an issue with that location at all. The neck and shoulder scenario is quite common with the neck pain specialist in Jonesboro GA.

Neck pain usually derives from the 14 nerves contained within. The nerves are compressed between the eight core joints that control neck movement. When the neck moves even slightly, about half of the joints are used. It is similar to the compression tube with small grooves and splices squished one upon the other.

Shoulder pain likely has to do with an injury to the rotator cuff. This controls the movement of the joint. The body will actually compensate when the rotator cuff stops working properly. The pain will not necessarily derive from the shoulder because, to them, the rotator cuff is working fine. Unfortunately, the body is picking up the slack from the nerves by the neck.

The opposite can happen as well. Pain can derive from the shoulder blade, and trickle up towards the neck. It could come in the form of small pinpricks that seem to exist deep within the skin. Pain can also trickle down the arm when the shoulder is moved. This may indicate a rotator cuff issue. But, it is just as likely that it is caused by a nerve-related injury in the neck.

The moral of the story is that a Neck Pain Specialist in Jonesboro GA should do a full exam. Self-diagnosis is ill-advised and often wrong because it goes on the assumption that the area in pain is the area that is injured. In nerve care, that isn’t always the case. Check out Chirocare Rehabilitation Center for more on nerve and muscle treatment.

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