Services Offered at Family Medical Clinics

by | Nov 2, 2017 | Health

There are many advantages to going to a Family Medical Clinic in Andover Kansas rather than a primary care doctor. One of these is the convenience of heading to the same office for a wide variety of comprehensive services. Below is a brief, and far from all-inclusive, list of the services available to patients at medical clinics.

Preventative Health Care

Annual physicals allow doctors to regularly evaluate their patients’ health and discover any potentially worrying conditions early on in their development. Children and adults alike can benefit from the information doctors can offer them regarding physical activity, dietary changes, and more. It’s a good idea for patients to write out a list of concerns prior to attending their annual physicals to ensure that they get the most out of their visits.

Diagnostic Services

Not all primary care physicians operating private practices have access to comprehensive diagnostic equipment such as digital x-rays, bone density studies, and EKGs. Those who choose to attend a medical clinic are less likely to require visits to specialized medical labs for diagnosis of conditions.

Coordinated Care

While medical clinics often offer more comprehensive services than primary care doctors practising on their own, they don’t always keep specialists on staff to handle highly specialized problems. They can, however, coordinate care with specializing physicians to ensure that their patients are receiving all of the medical help they need.

Minor Surgeries

While major surgeries that will require overnight evaluation and prolonged recovery almost universally must be performed at hospitals, minor surgeries and office-based outpatient procedures can typically be handled right in the clinic. This is much more convenient for busy patients who are hesitant to take time off from work to head to the hospital for minor procedures.

Immunizations and Injections

Patients can head to their medical clinics to receive important immunizations and injections. Both healthy patients who simply need to get routine immunizations and those suffering from either simple or complex health problems requiring medicine that must be injected can benefit from this service.

Find a Clinic

Those who are new to the area or considering changing doctors will need to choose a new Family Medical Clinic in Andover Kansas. They can visit website for more information about one clinic that offers comprehensive services and urgent care.

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