Replacement Surgery Using a Prosthetic Ankle in Columbus, OH

by | Aug 1, 2016 | Healthcare

With modern advances in technology, increased mobility is possible even for those that suffer from severe joint problems. The field of joint replacement surgery for ankles, in particular has been growing by leaps and bounds in recent decades. What was simply not possible in the 1970’s and 80’s has become fairly commonplace today.

Early replacements had only two components, allowing for less range of motion and consistently necessitating medical cement to hold them in place. But a contemporary Prosthetic Ankle in Columbus OH are porous and can be attached directly to the bone via natural processes. They also have additional moving parts that more closely simulate the functioning of the natural body.

Those suffering from joint issues such as osteoarthritis can benefit greatly from ankle replacement surgery. It can decrease pain and increase range of motion, allowing patients to regain a degree of independence and quality of living that had been lost due to pain or decreased the ability to walk. Acute injuries affecting the joint can also be treated with this surgery. Recovery time varies based on the general health of the patient and how well post-operative instructions are followed, but with appropriate physical rehabilitation most patients are able to walk after six to eight weeks.

Ankle replacement surgeries fall into two general categories: ankle fusion, and complete ankle replacement. Ankle fusion allows for less range of motion than a complete replacement with a Prosthetic Ankle in Columbus OH, but not all patients are eligible for this surgery. Those with severe deformities or instabilities are often not ideal candidates for replacement. Fusion is, in this case, a better option. In comparison to complete replacement, there is some sacrifice that must be made in terms of the range of motion; however, many find that it is a good trade of for the resultant reduction in pain.

Only a medical professional can diagnose and suggest appropriate treatment for joint problems. Some patients may be ineligible for surgery due to general health concerns such as compromised immune systems or other factors that could affect the recovery process. However, for many people ankle replacement surgery can safely improve mobility. Patients considering ankle replacement can visit  for more information about the prosthesis used in these procedures.

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