Recognizing When Grief Counseling in Clinton MD is Essential

by | Apr 25, 2019 | Health

People can grieve as the result of many events. The death of a loved one, the end of a marriage, or any type of loss can lead to a period of mourning. Most people move through the process and begin to settle back into a normal routine. Others feel stuck and can’t seem to get past whatever has caused the grief. Here are some signs that the time has come to seek professional Grief Counseling in Clinton MD.

Depression That Doesn’t Go Away

Being depressed is part of the grieving process. It is only natural to feel down for a period of time. When it seems that the depression gets worse and lingers for months, something is wrong. The best thing to do is seek Grief Counseling in Clinton MD and work through the reasons behind the depression. Depending on what is contributing to the situation, the counseling may help the client to begin moving toward a more balanced state of mind in a matter of weeks.

Carrying a Lot of Guilt

Whatever type of loss is experienced, there may be a strong sense of guilt. The feeling that saying or doing something different would have led to a different outcome can be so strong that the individual can’t let go of it. Even when a loved one passes away due to a terminal illness, there may be guilt about things that were left unsaid or things that were said in anger. Working through the guilt with the aid of a therapist helps to provide closure and make it possible to begin looking toward the future and not dwell on the past.

Shutting Others Out

The grief may be so strong the individual avoids spending time with other loved ones. While being alone now and then is helpful in terms of mourning a loss, shutting others out completely is not healthy. A counselor can help the client understand the importance of human interaction and provide suggestions for starting to let people back in again.

If the grief after a loss seems to linger with no end in sight, it’s time to seek help. Contact Lee Funeral Homes today and arrange for an appointment. With time and the help of a professional, it will be possible to regain perspective and begin to enjoy life once more.

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