Reasons Why Employers Implement Drug Testing in Anderson OH

by | Sep 4, 2018 | Health

Some medical clinics provide a variety of services, including general healthcare, urgent care and occupational medicine. Drug Testing in Anderson OH is available from these types of facilities as part of the occupational medicine program.

The Controversy

Pre-hiring drug testing required by workplaces is somewhat controversial when the job to be done is not hazardous. Most people do seem to accept the need for random and routine Drug Testing in Anderson OH for occupations that are already dangerous when the workers are clean and sober. For men and women to work in occupations like roofing and heavy equipment operation, pre-employment and random drug testing seems very reasonable.

Some U.S. residents feel that this type of testing is an invasion of privacy. Others believe that there is a moral obligation to help maintain the safety and welfare of people in the workplace. It’s not just the individual worker who the organizations are trying to keep safe. An accident that happens because of intoxication or a hangover can easily affect others who are on the job site. Sometimes those accidents are catastrophic.

Safety Factors

Most employers have decided on a compromise of sorts. Jobs that do not carry relatively high risk of injury may only require testing for substance use one time: at the time of hiring. They may figure if a candidate cannot stay clean for even a small amount of time to successfully apply for a job, this person may have a problem.

Companies that have higher-risk positions will require testing through a facility such as Eastside Urgent Care at the time of hiring and also randomly or routinely thereafter. Factory machine operators, airplane pilots, delivery drivers and employees of construction companies must supply a urine sample as demanded. Contractors who work for the company but are not direct employees should be tested as well.

Lost Workdays

Employers have another motivating factor in their drug testing decisions. Research has found that about 500 million employee workdays are lost in the United States each year due to drug use or excessive alcohol use. Companies that want to prevent this type of problem may take a look at a website like You can also visit them on YouTube Channel.

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