Reasons to See Gynecologists in Norman, OK

by | Nov 8, 2016 | Health

A gynecologist is a doctor that specializes in women’s reproductive health. This includes fertility treatments and monitoring pregnancies to ensure both the woman and her fetus’s health. Ultrasounds and prenatal exams, often including genetic testing, can be performed to monitor fetal health. The mother’s health will also be monitored throughout the pregnancy, allowing doctors to ensure her safety and that of her unborn child.

Women who are not pregnant, and do not intend to be, still need to schedule regular appointments with their gynecologists in Norman OK. Most physicians recommend that all women have a complete gynecological exam performed at least once annually. Following this recommendation, even in times of good health, can help doctors catch serious problems early while they are easier to successfully treat.

Well visits to gynecologists in Norman OK typically involve a screening procedure called a pap smear that looks for changes in the cervix indicating the presence of cancerous or precancerous cells. Cervical cancer is very easy to treat if it is caught early, so it’s important to schedule and attend these regular tests. In addition to a pap smear, gynecologists perform screenings for STDs and STIs, many of which are also easily treatable if diagnosed early, and a general wellness exam. For older women, referrals for mammograms should also be obtained in accordance with the specialist’s recommendations. Should anything appear to be amiss at basic exams, additional testing may have to be performed.

In addition to attending these regular exams, women should call to schedule an appointment should they notice uncomfortable itching, soreness, or unusual odors and discharge. Frequent or painful urination, acute injuries, or pain in the pelvic region, and changes in the regularity or heaviness of menstrual flow, are also cause to see a gynecologist.

Those wishing to obtain birth control such as oral hormonal contraceptives or IUD implants can do so through these specialized physicians as well. Appointments should be made to discuss safe sex practices and arrange a screening prior to beginning a new birth control regimen. Learn more about us and the valuable services we provide for women online or call to schedule a consultation.

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