Reasons to Consider a Stair Climber in Pittsburgh, PA

by | Sep 11, 2018 | Health

A stair lift or Stair Climber in Pittsburgh PA is ideal for those with mobility issues. They feature rails that attach to staircases as well as a chair or lifting platform so the resident doesn’t have to walk up or down the stairs. Those that have experienced problems or sustained injuries navigating their stairs are encouraged to take the time to discover why a lift is an ideal investment for you or a family member.

Overall Safety

Most fall-related injuries among older people take place in their homes. This is why a stair climber is becoming vital to the safety of these individuals. Instead of risking slipping and falling, missing a step, tripping, or getting dizzy on the stairs, invest in a stair climber. They make it easy and safe to go up and down the stairs quickly and comfortably. Most have a battery backup so there are no issues during a power outage. Managing stairs in the dark could be even trickier.

Remain Independent

These medical chairs or lifts allow people to stay in their homes and remain independent. There is no need to relocate to a one-story home or to an assisted living community once residents have this mobility device installed. They can still enjoy all of the comforts of home and not be restricted to specific rooms or areas within it.

Reasonable Cost

Stairlifts keep expenses reasonable. They not only save the money that it would cost to move to a new location or facility, they also prevent the need to remodel the first floor of the home to accommodate showering, sleeping, and things of this nature. There is no doubt, they are less expensive than a possible hospital bill from a serious injury.

Peace of Mind

With a lift, the individual, as well as their family members, will feel better about them being safe and comfortable at home. There is no need to worry about what might happen when walking up and down the stairs daily. This is one less thing to have to be nervous about.

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