Qualities to Look for in a Travel RN for Your Loved One’s Journey

by | Nov 12, 2019 | Health

Do you have a loved one who needs to be transported to another state or country due to medical issues? If so, there are several benefits of hiring an RN to accompany your loved one on the trip. Finding a qualified travel RN is an important step toward making the journey. Look at three qualities to consider while evaluating travel RN candidates.


You want a nurse with experience in this particular type of work. He or she must be familiar with safety practices connected with moving a patient from point A to point B. This is much different than caring for a patient who is staying in a hospital. So, the right amount of experience is essential. Look for a nurse who has taken several trips with patients.


A second quality to look for in an RN is a high level of skill in this area. The nurse must know what to do to keep the patient comfortable and at ease throughout the trip. He or she must know the proper response if the patient needs medication or another type of assistance. A skilled nurse understands that keeping a patient’s stress level low during the journey is of great importance.

Prepared for Specialized Care

If your loved one needs special care during the journey, your RN should be prepared to provide that. The nurse will be familiar with the circumstances of the patient and understand what care will be required during the trip.

Lastly, having a reliable, skillful RN along on a loved one’s journey across the country, to another state or anywhere else gives you peace of mind about the level of care your family member will receive.

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