Qualities to Look for in a Pharmacist for Your Aging Parents

by | Jun 17, 2019 | Health Care

As the primary caretaker of your aging parents, you might have the burden of managing every aspect of their healthcare. Along with choosing what doctor they see and which hospital they go to, you also have to find a pharmacist who can manage the numerous medications that might be prescribed to them.

As you search for the ideal senior care pharmacy for your mom and dad, you may wonder what qualities to look for in a pharmacist. These can help you locate one who will be an asset to you as a caretaker and to the well-being of your elderly parents.

Good Memory

One of the primary qualities you might look for in a pharmacist working at a senior care pharmacy is a good memory. While most pharmacies today rely on computer programs and software to keep track of patient records, they still have a need for pharmacists who can remember the main health conditions that patients might have and what medications their clients take.

You should not have to remind the pharmacist each and every time of what conditions your parents have when you go in to pick up medications for them. A pharmacist who can remember the main health conditions your parents are being treated for can make it easier for you to manage their medications.

Counseling Skills

You also want a pharmacist who can take the time to counsel you as a client. You may need to know important details like:

How to administer medication
What time to administer each medicine
What foods or beverages could interact with them
What side effects are possible

A good pharmacist will take the time to counsel you before allowing you to walk out the door with your parents’ medications.

These qualities in a pharmacist can make taking care of your parents easier. You may look for them when vetting pharmacies in your area.

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