Professional Radiology and Imaging Services in Orlando, Florida

by | Apr 26, 2024 | Imaging Centers

MRI Scans in Orlando, FL

Radiology clinics in Orlando, Florida typically offer MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) services for patients. An MRI is typically used to diagnose a variety of major medical conditions in patients of all ages. Using advanced electromagnetic technology, an MRI machine generates detailed views of your internal organs. Physicians and other medical professionals will carefully evaluate your MRI scans for any signs of illness or cancer. You will receive detailed instructions and preparations for a comprehensive MRI procedure. Depending on the potential diagnosis of your condition, the MRI scan might last for more than 30 minutes. A nurse or another medical assistant will closely monitor you during the entire MRI scanning process. An Orlando imaging center should have lockers and other appropriate facilities for changing your clothes.

Radiology Services in Orlando, FL

An Orlando imaging center should also offer other types of common radiology services. For example, you can easily schedule an appointment for an X-ray scan based on your injury or condition. Such scans are usually done to detect damaged bones throughout the body. Even small fractures in a bone could be detected by the latest X-ray imaging. Doctors might also request an arthrogram for a more accurate diagnosis of your condition. Such an imaging procedure detects potential problems with the joints in your body.

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