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Products From Capital Prosthetics and Orthotic Center Inc in Mansfield OH Help Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis

Custom-designed semi-rigid orthotic devices are often beneficial for rheumatoid arthritis patients. These devices, along with shoe modifications, help stabilize the feet for people with joint damage and can reduce pain as well. Wearing properly fitting shoes that have plenty of depth and are comfortable is strongly encouraged. Orthotics and customized shoe modifications can be obtained at a facility such as Capital Prosthetics and Orthotic Center Inc in Mansfield OH.

Rheumatoid Arthritis and the Feet

When rheumatoid arthritis affects the feet, the disease tends to cause fallen arches and the heel to roll in when walking. Abnormal rolling inward of the heel is medically referred to as excessive pronation. Wearing orthotics dramatically reduces excessive pronation, thus providing better stability and coordination.

Managing Foot Joint Load

One function of orthotic equipment is to manage joint load and improve the patient’s gait. Shoes that are ideal for the particular patient may allow this person to avoid surgical treatment of the feet or to delay it for a lengthy time frame. Avoiding increasing prescription pain medication dosages is another important advantage. The person is less likely to be sedentary if the feet are comfortable, which is important in preventing weight gain that can cause further problems.

Expert Insight

Numerous scientific studies have confirmed the advantages for rheumatoid arthritis patients of wearing shoes with customized orthotics and another product known as a molded insole. This device fits along the entire shoe and fits the foot perfectly, since a mold was taken of the person’s foot to make this product. When worn with deep shoes, the combination has been found to reduce pain when the person does weight-bearing activity like walking and climbing stairs.

Concluding Thoughts

Both orthotics and molded insoles, as crafted by a facility like Capital Prosthetics and Orthotic Center Inc in Mansfield OH, gently reshape feet that have developed a certain level of deformity due to joint damage. This is a comfortable way to coax feet into a normal position, making it easier for the patient to stand and walk. Visit the Website to learn more about this particular center that helps a broad range of clients.

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