Preparing for Your Open MRI Scan at an Orlando Radiology Office

by | Oct 19, 2023 | Imaging Centers

When you’ve been ordered to have an MRI performed, you might think about the enclosed space that you’ll be in as well as the loud noises that are often associated with the machine. However, an open machine can be beneficial instead of a traditional one. Here are some tips for preparing for your appointment.


Before visiting Orlando radiology centers, talk to your doctor or the technicians about any questions that you have or any concerns that you have about the machine or the scan itself. There are usually medications that you can take to help you relax. You should also let the technician know about any metal that you have in your body as this can interact with the machine.


Although an MRI at Orlando radiology centers typically isn’t invasive, you want to try to be as comfortable as possible as you might be asked to change into a gown or have an IV connected for medications that you need during the scan. Try to have someone with you just in case you are sedated as you likely won’t be able to drive home after the scan. You should also leave any jewelry or personal belongings at home or with the person who goes to the appointment with you so that they are secure.

What to Expect

During the scan, you’ll be on a table with a large machine that circles around you instead of being in an enclosed tube. Earplugs can be worn to help block out the sounds that you hear. The appointment should take about 30 minutes to complete with results back within a week.

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