Preparing for Facial Feminization Surgery

by | Feb 25, 2022 | Transgender Surgeons

Males and females have various characteristics that make them look decidedly like one gender or the other. When individuals choose to transition from their male gender to a more feminine appearance, hormones can change some of these characteristics but others may require surgery. Facial feminization surgery can help you achieve the look you want. The following will help you prepare for your surgery.

Meet with a Qualified Surgeon

The first step in the process of facial feminization surgery is to find a surgeon. Not all plastic surgeons are qualified to perform this type of surgery. Once you find a surgeon who specializes in facial feminization, you should schedule a consultation appointment. At this appointment, you can discuss the expected outcome, along with the pros and cons of undergoing surgery, to help you make an informed decision. They will also review your medical history.

A Mental Health Evaluation

Surgeons who perform facial feminization surgery should require their patients to undergo a mental health evaluation before agreeing to perform this surgery. This evaluation isn’t designed to make you change your mind or convince you not to get the surgery. Instead, it’s meant to ensure you are in a mental position to make this type of decision. Good mental health is key to a successful transition.

Follow Their Instructions

Once your surgeon schedules your facial feminization surgery, it’s critical to follow their instructions to the letter. Every surgery comes with risks. A surgeon’s instructions for the time leading up to your surgery are designed to minimize your risks and increase the chances of a successful outcome. These instructions may dictate what you should eat or drink before the procedure and when you should refrain, along with information about medications you can and cannot take. They should also share recovery instructions.

If you’re interested in facial feminization surgery to get a more feminine appearance, visit The International Center for Transgender Care to schedule a consultation.

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