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Preparing a Child for Allergy Testing Near Birmingham, AL

Being sick all the time is never fun. But having allergic reactions on a frequent basis can be scary for both kids and parents. Often, the best solution involves a visit to an allergist to learn more about the options available. Before setting up a treatment plan, doctors want to narrow down exactly what it is the is causing the problem. Allergy Testing Near Birmingham, AL can be done on children of al ages. It is important to prepare a child for what is to come to ensure that things go smoothly.

Offer an Explanation

At a certain age, kids become suspicious if mom and dad are talking about medical issues in hushed tones. Kids can start to get anxiety because they fear the unknown and aren’t sure if there is going to be a problem in the near future. If Allergy Testing Near Birmingham, AL in going to be the next step in the process, explain to the child why this is being done and what information it will give the doctor. Make sure to point out that this is a necessary step in order for him or her to begin feeling better or avoiding any more allergic reactions.

Consider Demonstrating the Sensation

One of the biggest fears, especially for younger children, is the percutaneous test. Because of the different prick points on the body, kids often conjure up an idea of a lot of nails breaking into the skin and feeling incredibly painful. This isn’t how the testing goes, but sometimes, smaller patients aren’t going to take a doctor or parent’s word for it. Instead, consider getting out a toothpick and demonstrating how the pin prick is going to feel. Many kids immediately get a little bit of relief, knowing that the sensation is going to be strange, but not painful.

Talk About How Testing is Done Safely

The older the child, the more he or she may think about what is being done during testing. In reality, the patient is being exposed to items that he or she could be allergic to. No one wants the patient to believe that he or she is going to be seriously injured because of the testing process. Instead, be sure to explain that the amount of exposure is small and won’t cause a full blown reaction.

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