Pimple Treatment in Bethlehem, PA for Skin Bumps That Are Not From Acne

by | Sep 29, 2018 | Health

People generally think of pimples as associated with acne, but the definition of a pimple actually is broader. Medically, a pimple is a small area of inflammation on the skin that has some degree of hardness. That means a carbuncle, boil, blister, whitehead, and blackhead are all pimples. Pimple Treatment in Bethlehem PA is available from dermatologists when at-home remedies are ineffective.


Folliculitis is a common skin condition that often looks similar to pimples in mild or moderate acne, but the cause is different. The bumps are hair follicles that have become inflamed due to friction. The condition may become an itchy mild rash.

Why It Develops

Men may develop this problem after they shave the face and neck. It is more likely on the neck where a shirt collar rubs against the follicles. Women are more likely to develop folliculitis in areas where clothes fit tightly after shaving is done. That’s why the condition is most frequent at the bikini line. In addition, follicles that produce curly hair are more prone to becoming infected this way. The short hairs left after shaving may curl back into the skin.

Folliculitis can occur even without shaving the face, neck, legs or underarms. It may develop when the combination of excess heat and perspiration combine with bacteria or fungus on the skin. People who are overweight are more susceptible to this problem.

At-Home and Medical Treatment for Folliculitis

Medical Pimple Treatment in Bethlehem PA for folliculitis usually is unnecessary unless any of the bumps become a boil, which is larger and more painful than a typical pimple. The sore has become more severely infected and swollen and is filled with pus. Usually, the treatment includes applying a topical antibiotic solution, and it may also include taking an oral antibiotic.

Mild cases of folliculitis can be treated at home by keeping the area clean and using a solution containing benzoyl peroxide or another antiseptic ingredient. When a bump or a rash becomes redder, swollen, and uncomfortable, a dermatologist such as Kirit K. Kothari, M.D. can help.

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