Physical Therapy After a Tendon Operation by an Orthopedic Surgeon in Charleston, West Virginia

by | Jun 3, 2019 | Orthopedic

After an Orthopedic Surgeon in Charleston West Virginia performs posterior tibial tendon surgery for a patient, physical therapy will probably be recommended to speed healing. This may require weekly or more frequent sessions for up to eight weeks.

This operation by an Orthopedic Surgeon in Charleston West Virginia is intended to repair serious tendonitis that does not respond to more conservative treatments. The condition is also known as posterior tibial tendon dysfunction.

The Tendon

The posterior tibial tendon begins as a muscle located in the back of the leg. It turns into a tendon near the ankle, and this tendon continues down into the foot arch. When inflamed or torn, the damage can cause arch instability and result in loss of the arch to a certain extent. The person is unable to engage in the usual activities or in any athletic pursuits.

After Surgery

It may be a while before the patient should put any weight on the leg, so using a crutch in the meantime will be imperative. The person will be wearing a splint, a cast, or a specialized removable boot to keep the limb immobilized as the doctor instructs. This usually continues for six to eight weeks. Unfortunately, discomfort may continue for many months, especially if the arch breakdown was substantial and the person had a flat foot.

Physical Therapy

After the limb can be mobile, physical therapy helps the patient rebuild strength and flexibility in the leg and ankle. In addition to reducing the time for healing, the therapy also can prevent reinjury to the tendon. Range-of-motion exercises typically are the first line of therapy. The physical therapist teaches the patient these exercises, which are then performed at home every day in addition to sessions at an organization such as Improve Physical Therapy & Hand Center.

Eventually, the patient moves on to exercising the legs while wearing ankle weights. Being taught the precise way to perform the activity is important as, otherwise, the person may do the movements incorrectly. That makes the entire process ineffective. Details on one particular organization can be seen at the website You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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