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Rejuvenating Skin With Chemical Peels in Charlotte, NC

Rejuvenating Skin With Chemical Peels in Charlotte, NC

Cosmetic skin treatments vary and address different concerns. The latest trend is chemical peels, which rejuvenate the skin by removing its top layers. Chemical peels in Charlotte, NC, entail applying a chemical solution to the skin, which causes controlled damage,...

Assisted Living

Helping Those Who Have Helped You

Helping Those Who Have Helped You

As a healthcare worker, one of the places where you might enjoy working is an assisted care facility. The care provided is a bit different than what's given at a hospital or even a nursing home. Most of the residents can provide basic care for themselves. You would...

The importance of senior companionship

When your mother, father, aunt, uncle, or other relative begins to age, they gradually becoming dependant upon those around they for assistance. However in modern day societies, families have become spread apart and they no longer live alongside one another. This...


Getting a Tummy Tuck, Talk to a Chicago Doctor

A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is a surgery that helps to remove the excess fat and skin from the mid to lower abdomen. Once the fat is removed, the doctor might tighten up the abdominal muscles and pull the remaining skin tight over the area. Keep in mind that this...