Options for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Care in Dade County FL

by | Jun 6, 2017 | Health

Substance abuse and mental illness are often interconnected. In some cases, people use drugs or alcohol to manage the symptoms of mental illness. Others develop a mental illness due to the use of alcohol or drugs. Regardless of their relationship to each other, both conditions must be treated in order for an addict to have a successful recovery. Treatment programs that focus on only one of these conditions are rarely effective for someone with dual-diagnosis. On the other hand, programs like Nextep that address both the substance abuse and mental health issues give clients the tools they need to make their way in the world without drugs or alcohol.

Mental Health Care in Dade County FL is typically provided on an outpatient basis. While substance abuse treatment is more effectively provided as an inpatient, mental health care doesn’t usually require patients to be confined to a facility. Patients who get all of their care from the same organization may feel more comfortable because they’ll be working with the same counselors who they’ve worked with regarding their substance abuse issues. The rapport they develop while they live at the facility could carry over to the community.

Medication is often an essential element of recovery when it comes to Mental Health Care in Dade County FL. This can cause concerns for patients and their physicians when substance abuse is a factor as well. Patients need close supervision with their medication and therapy to help them manage their mental health condition. Often, when a patient is struggling to manage their mental illness, medication can stabilize their condition enough for them to focus on personal development and mental health.

Recovery is a process that doesn’t happen overnight. Those who are serious about overcoming their addiction and addressing their mental illness need professional assistance. Ongoing support through outpatient therapy is ideal for those with a dual diagnosis because they may need additional help getting adjusted to life in the community after the finish their inpatient substance abuse treatment. Those who love people with substance abuse and mental health issues can Click here to learn more about a treatment program designed to meet their unique needs.

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