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Options for a Stair Climber in Pittsburgh PA

A Stair Climber in Pittsburgh PA can help people remain in their own homes longer, be more independent, and accommodate families as well as individuals. Folding chairs available, for example, means the stair lift takes up very little space on the staircase. They can be folded up when not in use, so the rest of the family has unobstructed use of the staircase. If a folding model does not suit the needs, the lift chair may be installed to set off to the side of the steps when not being used, depending on the available space in the entry way or hallway. A free in-home consultation can help representatives see the space, take measurements of the staircase, get to assess the needs, and provide recommendations and suggestions for options that will suit the needs, preferences, and budgets of the user and homeowner. Customers can go to the website for details on consultations.

Demonstrations of various brands and models for a Stair Climber in Pittsburgh PA in a large showroom can give users an opportunity to view the climber in action, see optional features, and select colors and materials for their customized selection. Models are available for both straight and curved staircases, as well as those with landings in between flights of stairs. There are models designed to accommodate many users in a commercial or community settings. Chairs for multiple users, for example, have to be wide enough, have more power, and be easy to use to accommodate any demands and abilities. A toggle switch, as opposed to a button that has to be pushed, to operate the chair is useful to those with limited fine motor skills.

More personal features can be selected for a stair lift to be used in a private home. An economy model, for example, may be an option for a light person who needs no assistance to operate the lift. A heavy capacity model is not needed, nor is a customized control device. A user who will be using the chair often may want to select a more comfortable seat, or select a deluxe model that will be installed into a grand staircase at an estate. Stair climbers can be installed on the interior and exterior of a home or building. Once the stair lift is installed, an experienced and comprehensive service company will provide service, repairs, and routine maintenance to ensure it operates efficiently.

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