Non Surgical Hair Solutions in Arizona For Those Suffer From Hair Loss

by | Feb 1, 2016 | Beauty Care

Hair loss affects many men and women and in many cases is incurable and can have an effect on a person’s self-esteem. While people can go the surgical route to transplant hair commonly referred to as hair plugs, there may not be donor hair available. Waiting lists and the fact that the hair may be rejected means thousands of dollars spent for nothing. Many places offer Non Surgical Hair Solutions Arizona to help cover up the signs of hair loss and slow the progression.

A variety of treatments are available that fit both the budget and the type of hair loss a person has. For those whose hair loss is due to medical reasons, find that they can choose a wig made of real hair custom fit to their head. These wigs are handcrafted and use hair that closely matches the person’s natural hair and color. Benefits of a wig are they can wash and style the hair just as they would their own. These companies also offer maintenance and repair for the wigs as well as troupes for men. Common mistakes many people make is not having the hair color, professionally matched and ending up with a hairpiece that makes it obvious that they are wearing a wig or hair piece. Other methods for helping to hide thinning hair is to have human hair extensions added to the thinner areas. The strands of hair are tied and knotted to existing strands, and help to give fullness in areas of thinning. There is no glue or sewing, so the procedure does not damage the scalp or the hair follicle.

These procedures can be performed by a particular type of salon that practices Non Surgical Hair Solutions Arizona. They can assess and evaluate the type of hair loss a person is dealing with and come up with a treatment plan to help. Donte’s of New York are proud to offer hair loss solutions that help their clients regain their confidence. Their non-surgical methods a preferred because people can see immediate results, and they tailor the treatment to the customer. They do not limit the client in the selection of hair pieces or styles like other companies may do. They offer styling and maintenance for all their clients to help maintain their hair extensions and work to visit the website Domain to find out more.

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