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Natural and Effective Ways to Reverse Type II Diabetes in Oakland, CA

More than 100 million Americans are living with diabetes at present according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. New cases are being diagnosed every day, and experts expect the numbers to continue soaring during the years to come. While people were once resigned to this condition, new research is showing a great deal more promise than that of the past. Studies now show it may be possible to Reverse Type II Diabetes in Oakland CA with the right measures in place.

Get More Exercise

It’s no secret physical activity helps burn body fat and boost metabolism even after an exercise session has ended. As fate would have it, getting your heart rate up and your blood pumping can also help the body process sugar more effectively. Depending on the severity of insulin resistance, reversing the condition could take as much as an hour per day, five or six days each week. Still, most insist it’s worth the extra work.

Improve Eating Habits

Diet is just as crucial to regulating blood sugar as exercise, perhaps even more so. Those who want to Stop Diabetes in its tracks should eat plenty of whole foods rich in fiber, vitamins and nutrients. Sugary, fatty foods should be kept at an absolute minimum for optimum health. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and other healthy options will go a long way toward reducing insulin resistance and maintaining blood sugar levels.

Stay Calm and Collected

Stress has been found to increase levels of numerous potentially harmful substances in the body, not the least of which is cortisol. This chemical increases body fat and makes losing weight more difficult. Cortisol and some of its fellow chemicals also play a role in insulin resistance and fluctuating blood sugar. While there are numerous ways to manage stress, not all of them are effective for everyone. Do what works best for you whether it be taking a bubble bath, meditating, going for a walk or reading a good book. Lowering stress is key if you want to Reverse Type II Diabetes Oakland CA.

Studies show people don’t have to give in to type II diabetes or let it rule their lives. It’s possible to bring this condition to a halt and reduce the many risk factors that come along with it. Click Here to learn more about lowering insulin resistance and living a full, healthy live after being diagnosed.

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