MRI Imaging in the Orlando Area

by | Nov 7, 2019 | Health

MRI imaging is used to produce detailed pictures of the body. It uses a combination of magnets, radio waves and a computer to provide images of the targeted body part. Many MRIs are large tubes that have a table in the middle. The patient lays on the table during the procedure. Patients often have a difficult time undergoing MRIs in this closed system. There are now open MRIs that have advantages over traditional MRIs.

Benefits of an Open MRI

Open MRIs are much more comfortable for the patient. This is more than a convenience factor, for many patients the very real feeling of claustrophobia prevented them from undergoing MRIs. Even patients who have had no previous issues being in enclosed spaces are often unsettled when they undergo an MRI.

Patients that are larger than average may not physically be able to have an MRI in a traditional imaging tube. The open MRI allows individuals who previously would not be able to have an MRI to use this diagnostic tool

The open MRI has other benefits that apply to everyone. The design of the open MRI makes it possible to place the body part being examined directly under the magnet. This improves the quality of the imaging. Open MRIs are less expensive to purchase and maintain than traditional MRIs, which may be passed along to the patient.

Uses for an MRI

MRIs are powerful diagnostic tools. They can be used to examine various abnormalities to better determine exactly what is going on. They are often used for breast cancer screening in individuals with a high risk of developing the disease. MRI imaging is also an accurate way to diagnose certain heart conditions. They are also used to diagnose pelvic pain that may stem from endometriosis or fibroids.

As you can see, MRI imaging is a powerful and safe diagnostic tool. The development of open MRIs allows diagnosis in individuals who previously would have to rely on other diagnostic tools. If you still have concerns about undergoing an MRI, talk to your physician, they are familiar with nervousness surrounding the procedure and can help you feel more comfortable about the procedure.

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