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Mental Health Conditions are More Common Than You Think

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness approximately 1 in 5 adults suffered from a mental health condition in 2018, that’s nearly 50 million people in the US. Further research showed that nearly 8 million youth aged 6-17 also suffered from a mental health issue the same year. With statistics like that it’s safe to say mental illness is far more common than most people think. Consequently, the topic of mental illness is far more openly discussed in today’s world. While it may be less shameful to admit, individuals of all ages are still reluctant to receive treatment.

Counselors Help Establish Healthy Coping Strategies

With mental health conditions like anxiety or depression, medication will often lend a major hand in controlling the symptoms. However, this is often a Band-Aid solution and doesn’t really offer people the opportunity to discover the emotional sources that are often the cause of such issues. Ankeny Family Counseling offers their patients a wide range of services including Emotionally Focused Therapy. That helps individuals who are suffering from a variety of mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, and addiction. It allows patients the opportunity to recognize that they are not alone in their suffering, while also providing healthy coping strategies for a fulfilling life.

Experienced Counselors Can Help You Build a Stronger Future

In today’s world, most insurance companies are required to cover mental health disorder and substance abuse services. Because of this, more people are able to discover the immense benefits that counseling, and therapy has to offer. Allowing you to overcome traumas and emotional pain from your past in order to build a healthier foundation for your future. If you are considering enlisting the help of a counselor in Ankeny, IA consider contacting the medical professionals at Ankeny Family Counseling today. They can help you and your family determine which method of therapy is right for you, for a much improved understanding of emotional health.

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