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Medically Monitored Weight Loss Program in Greenwich, CT

Getting to a healthy weight is a smart goal for anyone that wants to look and feel great. Excess weight is bad for the body in many ways, but that does not mean that losing those extra pounds is easy. Not every diet is as effective for every person and failing to lose weight as quickly as expected can result in giving up. By choosing a medically supervised Weight Loss Program Greenwich CT dieters will often have a better chance of success. This structured type of program is about more than just the number on the scale and can provide the motivation and support people may not have at home.

Medical weight loss plans are not the same as weight loss surgery. The plans are a non-invasive option that is safe and monitored. Each patient is able to have their plan customized to their needs. It can involve counseling, nutritional education and diet and exercise plans. An important factor for many who have been unable to lose weight on their own are hormonal imbalances or food allergies. Through a Weight Loss Program Greenwich CT doctors are able to review the history of their client to detect what may have caused their weight gain and what is preventing them from losing the weight.

Many patients have found that having to be accountable on a regular basis to the team assisting them is also helpful. They know that the support system is there when it is needed and they are aware of the many methods of additional boosts that are available as they work to reach their goal. When the final weight is attained, the program is also beneficial for helping people to maintain their weight rather than simply start to regain lost pounds the way they may have at the end of other diets.

At Russo Aesthetic and Wellness, the staff is dedicated to helping all of their clients lose weight and get healthy. They offer a variety of services that can help to build self esteem and eliminate the past issues that have prevented people from feeling their best. Contact them to get started with an evaluation and discover how it really is possible for anyone to lose weight with the right plan and enough support.

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