Medical Company Develops Diabetic Wound Treatment to Speed Healing

by | Apr 28, 2021 | Medical Equipment Manufacturer

Chronic wound care is vital to your health if you are a diabetic. Since diabetes hinders blood circulation, healing when the skin is broken is slow. Medicine is always evolving, and at least one medical device for diabetic wound treatment helps speed wound healing.

Process Has Food and Drug Administration Clearance

The medical device spoken of here uses the patient’s blood to form a natural protective covering that helps wound recovery. The medical situations where this health aid has a place include foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, venous ulcers, surgical wounds, trauma wounds and tear wounds.

How the Process Works

Blood clotting is important to wound healing. The technique discussed here mixes your blood with calcium gluconate to start the coagulation for the dressing. Following the clotting of the blood, the product is injected into a mold created by the developer of the medical device.

When the nurse caring for the patient covers the area of concern, the patient’s blood begins to clot. In addition to promoting healing naturally, the process that activates this medical device is speedy and convenient. The nurse who administers this treatment can create it in the patient’s hospital room in just 12 minutes.

This medical device cuts the patient’s nursing costs too. In addition, since it is applied weekly rather than daily, there are fewer patient interventions.

If you are a healthcare provider who is looking for an effective and cost-efficient diabetic wound treatment, contact RedDress at to discuss its AntiGraf medical device.

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