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Love Yoga? Tips for Introducing Your Child to Yoga

Practicing yoga comes with a great amount of benefits. Some of these are physical, like boost your strength and flexibility, defending the spine, and lowering levels of blood pressure. However, some are more mental, like better ability to focus, relief of stress, a calm mind, and more self-love. As those who practice yoga find these, they may want to involve their children.

There are many ways to involve your children in your yoga lifestyle. There are a host of new yoga classes for children in order to familiarize them with yoga practice and lifestyle. There are also new training methods for yoga instructors, most available online, to introduce yoga teachers to the world of teaching children. Here are some tips for introducing your child to the world of yoga.

Begin With The Fun Stuff – Animal Poses!
Yoga may be a complex subject to introduce to children. However, making it easy to understand is a fantastic way to bridge the gap of understanding. Making “animal shapes” in yoga is a fun way to get children excited about the practice. Adding a few animal sounds into the mix never hurt either. Making yoga too serious can cause them to lose interest, so keep it light.

Inspire Their Creative Minds And Imaginations.
When practicing a pose, for instance a Hare Pose, ask your children what bunnies like to do. Keeping them connected to the pose that they are practicing is an amazing and easy way to keep them tied to the moment and present. Moving through Cat and Cow poses can also be a fun way to connect with your children; make cow and cat noises as you move!

Do Not Fear Letting Them Control The Session.
Giving your mini-yogis a chance to lead the group can be a great way to encourage their self-confidence, develop leadership skills, and unique and creative thinking. An easy way to get them involved is to ask them to lead their favorite pose, or to even make up their own. For example, if a child’s favorite animal is not found in a traditional yoga pose, then ask them to create one of their very own. You will see their creativity shine.

These are only a few ways to introduce children to yoga. There are endless ways to include your children in your favorite practice. All it takes is some creativity, patience, and the love of yoga. Sign up for online yoga teacher training today if you are interested in the art.

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