Looking at Various Kinds of Stair Lift Repair in Pittsburgh, PA

by | Jul 19, 2019 | Health

A lot of homes have to be equipped with stair lifts due to the disabilities of the residents living in them. There are three kinds of stair lifts: the wheelchair stair lift, the curved stair lift, and the straight stair lift, all of which have similar basic functions. A surgical equipment company does Stair Lift Repair in Pittsburgh PA for customers a regular basis. Here is a look at the common repairs that are requested for these stair lifts by many customers.

Common Repairs for Stair Lifts

The most common call that technicians receive about stair lifts is that won’t move, and a lot of times it is a simple matter of ensuring the battery is charged properly. Another problem that a customer might overlook is that the safety switch may be on, in which case, the stair lift will not operate. Other matters may be more complex and will really require a technician to come out to troubleshoot the problems. The more complex problems could include anything with the controls, the stair tracks, the motor drive, or the chair itself.

More on Repairs for Stair Lifts

The customer should check to see how long the warranty lasts on the stair lift and take advantage of that if the warranty is still good. It may even be a better idea to invest in an extended warranty for such an expensive piece of medical equipment. The last thing a customer will want to do is to work on the stair lift or have someone else work on it that is not qualified. This will void the warranty and end up costing the customer a considerable amount of money to repair if the stair lift is still messed up.

Calling a Stair Lift Technician in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Customers who own stair lifts in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, or the surrounding area can find technicians who can work on their product in the area. McArdle Surgical is a surgical supply center that provides supplies and repairs of medical equipment in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. If a customer needs Stair Lift Repair in Pittsburgh PA, the company is available and provides more information on the website. You can also follow them on Facebook.

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