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Is Your Brother a Drug Addict? 5 Ways to Tell

Knowing the signs of substance abuse can make a difference. Early treatment in the right drug rehab centers often means better chances of recovery. By recognizing the signs, you can take steps to reach out and help your loved one:

Lack of concentration

Drug uses often causes addicts to lose focus and concentration. That’s because the drug makes it hard to think of anything else other than the next fix. If your brother keeps slacking off school or missing days of work, then this might be one of the many signs of drug abuse.

Poor motivation

If your brother shows a lack of motivation especially in activities or issues he felt passionate about, watch out. If your loved one no longer feels worried about his grades or work performance dropping, that could be another indication of drug use. See if he also suffers from…

Sleep pattern changes

Some drugs make it difficult for addicts to sleep while others result in frequent naps. The main thing to look for? If your family member doesn’t feel refreshed after his naps or looks manic even after little to no sleep, that could be another sign you’re dealing with drug abuse.


Addicts know it’s wrong. That’s why they try to hide it from friends and family. If your brother has never been secretive with you before but now keeps locking his door or is angry when someone goes into his room, he might be hiding his drug use, says the CBSNews.


Some types of drugs dry out the membranes in your nose, resulting in frequent nose bleeds. If your loved one doesn’t have a history of nosebleeds, that might be a sign that he’s snorting drugs.

It can be tough to realize that your loved one is suffering from drug use. Ask. Reach out. And offer your support by going online, using online tools and directories to put together a list of reputable drug rehab centers for your loved one.

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