Innovative and Effective Treatments to Get You Back in Competing Shape

by | Jul 19, 2019 | Chiropractor

The sports that you participate in can take a dire toll on your body. Activities like stretching, running, jumping, and reaching can pull ligaments and joints out of place. They can also cause stress and strain that can eventually contribute to fractures and displacements.

When your body is telling you that it needs a break from competing, you want to provide it with much-needed rest and rehabilitation. By seeking treatment from a sports chiropractor near Riverdale, NJ, you can undergo procedures and remedies that will heal your body and get you back out on the field, track, or court fast and have you feeling 100 percent again in no time.

Deep Muscle Massages

Your muscles often take the biggest brunt of the stress and strain as you compete. They feel pulled and sore after a long match or game. You experience pain and stiffness as you walk into the locker room.

Rather than take pain medication to relieve your distress, you can heal your muscles faster and safer by undergoing a deep muscle massage from the sports chiropractor near Riverdale, NJ. This massage targets the nerves deep within the muscles. It encourages blood flow to the area so the nerves and muscles can heal faster.

One or two sessions of deep muscle massage can be all it takes to get you back in competitive shape. It also spares you from having to take pain medications to maintain your performance.

Joint Maneuvering

Your chiropractor can also maneuver your joints back into place if they become dislocated. A fall can cause your knee, elbow, or shoulder to pop out of place. The chiropractor can quickly and relatively painlessly maneuver the joint until it pops back into its socket.

These treatments help you maintain your competitive edge and avoid needless pain. You can find out more by contacting Advanced Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy.

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