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In Home Care Philadelphia PA Allows Seniors to Live Independently

Despite their age and/or physical condition, many senior citizens want to continue living independently. Fortunately, In home care in Philadelphia PA is available to assist the elderly who prefer to remain in their own home as opposed to moving to a nursing facility. With in-home care, senior citizens are given the care and services necessary to allow them their independence. Caregivers are available for as many hours per day as the person needs. Here are some of the benefits with in home care.

Seniors need assistance with daily activities such as bathing, eating and dressing. In home care in Philadelphia PA can provide nursing assistants and/or volunteers to help your loved with daily personal hygiene needs as well as assist them with household chores, transportation to and from medical appointments and/or simply provide companionship. It is important for seniors who are living independently to remain socially active and in-home care providers can accompany seniors to social events, which allows the person to interact with other seniors who share the same interests as them.

If your loved one needs assistance with medications, such as insulation injections or routine checks on their vital signs, such as blood pressure monitoring an in-home care provider can arrange for a registered nurse to routinely check in with the patient. One of the best benefits of in-home care is that the person does not have to give up their pet. Many assisted living facilities do not allow pets, so if your loved one remains in their home they can keep their pet. It is also beneficial for seniors to keep their personal belongings, which is often difficult in a nursing home. It is also easier for family members to visit more frequently when their loved one remains in their own home.

Before contacting an in-home care provider, it is helpful to have a list of the type of assistance that will be needed. This will make it easier for the home care service to ensure your loved one is getting all of the services they need. It is also important to verify with your loved one’s insurance company what services they are eligible for as well as how many times each week they are qualified for in home services. Visit website to learn more about the various options for the type of medical care available.

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