Ideal Candidate For A Chicago Tummy Tuck

by | Apr 14, 2016 | Surgery

Receiving a Chicago tummy tuck can be a wonderful opportunity to gain a whole new outlook on life, and on yourself. Many patients claim this procedure inspired a new level of self-esteem and helped them regain confidence long since lost. However, not everyone in Chicago is an ideal candidate for receiving a tummy tuck. Here are a few ways you can tell if you’d be an ideal candidate for a Chicago tummy tuck.

In Good Health

The safety and well-being of the patient is at the forefront of every surgeon’s mind. Because of this, an ideal candidate for a Chicago tummy tucks will be otherwise healthy individuals who merely have excess fat and skin in the abdomen. Typically speaking, this excess of skin is caused by increased laxity or looseness, often due to rapid weight loss or childbirth. Since the procedure is purely elective, many surgeons will require that the patient have a strong enough heart to tolerate the anesthetic required for the procedure, and will be able to heal rapidly. This means that those who have issues with nutrition or who are at risk for excess bleeding may need to speak with their physician about correcting those issues before embarking on a tummy tuck.

Have Had A Recent Physical

Most surgeons prefer patients who have had a physical recently, and who have the body type required to maintain the lowered weight experienced after the tummy tuck. In addition, an EKG is often required, as is a full set of blood worth. The blood work and EKG are often required to be performed within twelve weeks of the operation, and must point to an otherwise healthy individual.

Finished Having Kids

While there are many surgeons who will perform this procedure in between children, many more would prefer to wait until the patient felt she was done having kids. This helps the effects of the procedure to last longer, and also helps to keep the patient in otherwise good health, without risk to future children.

Weight Is Outside The Abdomen

Most surgeons prefer to perform this type of procedure on individuals who carry the excess weight outside of the abdominal muscles, rather than inside. This makes for a less intensive operation, and points to longer lasting results.

No Concern With Scarring

Certain individuals will be very concerned about scarring. There is a massive risk of scarring when it comes to having a tummy tuck performed, and anyone concerned with the long term aesthetic affects of an abdominal scar should speak with their physician about their concerns well in advance of the procedure.

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