How to Prepare For Laser Vein Removal in Windham, NH

by | Dec 13, 2016 | Skin Care

Spider veins are veins that have enlarged or stretched and created a branched pattern. These unsightly veins are commonly found on the thighs and back of the leg and, sometimes, the face. Instead of undergoing an invasive procedure to remove the veins, individuals now have the option of Laser Vein Removal in Windham NH. This treatment can allow individuals to have these veins removed so they can feel more confident in their appearance. Being prepared for this procedure will ensure it proceeds as smoothly as possible.

* It is a wise idea for patients to forgo smoking or drinking alcohol a few weeks before they will undergo Laser Vein Removal in Windham NH. Smoking and alcohol both reduce the healing ability of the body and can cause adverse results.

* There are some prescription, over-the-counter, and herbal medications that can cause an increase in bleeding. Blood thinners, aspirin, and anti-inflammatory medications can cause an increased risk of bleeding during and after the procedure. All medications should be discussed with the doctor before the vein removal treatment is carried out.

* Hydration is the key to recovery both before the procedure and during the healing process. Hydration encourages healing and will help to keep the blood flowing so a full recovery can be made.

* Most individuals find it helpful to have someone stay with them for the first twenty-four hours after treatment to ensure there are no issues that arise during the initial recovery phase.

* Compression stockings will be worn for the first few days to ensure the body heals properly and to help prevent blood clots. It is important these are worn as long as recommended by the doctor.

* Exertion of any kind should be avoided immediately after the procedure. The doctor will inform the patient of when they can resume their normal routine, including exercise.

If you are tired of unsightly spider veins and would like to schedule a consultation appointment, contact Renew MediSpa of Southern New Hampshire LLC. They can help you overcome your unsightly veins so confidence in your appearance can be restored. Call today, and they will be happy to schedule your appointment.

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