How Orthopedic Specialists in Bountiful, Utah Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

by | Feb 24, 2017 | Health

Many people who need to use repetitive motions for their work may end up with shooting pains in their wrists, hands, and along their arms. The pain can range from annoying to severe, depending on the damage to the median nerve. If the pain is severe and wakes you up at night, or the swelling prevents you from working due to pain or weakness in the hands, you need to discuss these treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome with a hand specialist.

Braces and Splints

The treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome depends on its severity, so if the condition is minor, then orthopedic specialists in Bountiful, Utah may have you wear braces or splints to immobilize your wrists while working and/or sleeping. They may also suggest modifications to your workstation to prevent further damage to your wrists. Along with splinting the hands, therapists at Hand & Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists may show you ways to modify the use of your hands.


To help reduce pain, orthopedic specialists may prescribe NSAIDS, oral steroids, or use injections to reduce inflammation and swelling. When there is swelling in the wrist, it can press on the median nerve and cause pain, tingling in the hands and/or fingers, and weakness in the hands. While repetitive motions are a common cause of carpal tunnel, it can also be inherited, or pregnant women may have it due to their changing bodies.


For severe carpal tunnel cases, orthopedic specialists may recommend surgery to reduce pain, relieve swelling, and to restore proper function to the hands. Most people undergo surgery on one wrist at a time because their wrists will need time to heal. Carpal tunnel surgery can be done either endoscopically or as an open procedure.

If you are diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, discuss your options with an orthopedic specialist.

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