How EMG Nerve Testing Can Help Increase Your Quality of Life

by | Nov 27, 2019 | Health

Eleoctromyography, otherwise known as EMG, is a type of medical testing. It focuses on the functioning of the muscles and nervous system. In most cases, these tests are carried out by a specially trained medical professional. In the end, these tests give your physician some much needed information about your state of health. See how this testing can help you recover from injuries.

When EMG Is the Right Solution

EMG tests are generally used for specific ailments or diseases. If it is suspected that you have carpal tunnel syndrome, you may need this test. The same goes for pinched nerves, muscular dystrophy and Lou Gehrig’s disease. In these situations, an EMG is used to provide information regarding the possibility of rehabilitation.

Common Symptoms Related to EMGs

The whole purpose you would go to the doctor in the first place is if you have unexplained symptoms. Be on the look out for feelings of numbness, problems with sensation or muscle spasms. These can all be serious indicators of an underlying disease.

A Look at EMGs in Practice

Most patients want to know more about how EMGs work at VNG Orlando. First, you can expect that the test will take up to one hour to complete. You may also experience some type of discomfort during the process. However, the test is not known to be painful. Overall, it is a safe and beneficial procedure.

Getting Assistance

If you think you may be suffering from a muscle or nerve issue, speak to a doctor right away. It is possible you may need to get an EMG. Your doctor can provide you with a professional recommendation for VNG Orlando.

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