How Dedicated Registry and Data Abstraction Services Improve Patient Care

by | Aug 10, 2021 | Health

How Dedicated Registry and Data Abstraction Services Improve Patient Care

Abstraction of data registry information gives data-based insights into specific patient cases and an organization’s procedural processes. Aggregate data provides a greater opportunity for research into correlative clinical trials or changes in policy. Above all, the process provides clinics with the clarity they need to maximize performance.

Why Is It Important?

Registry abstraction is increasingly important in today’s context of value-based care. Abstraction is no longer at a clinic’s discretion but is rather a fundamental part of current models for health care payment that require backing evidence.

How Do Data Abstraction Services Help?

While quality and consistent care relies on data abstraction, the process can be involved and resource-consuming. Registry abstraction services are trained to handle the administrative side of information management, allowing clinics and physicians to focus on patient care.

Results have shown its effectiveness:

  • Minimized risks of complications
  • Improved clinical outcomes
  • Higher patient treatment response
  • Fewer readmissions
  • Reduces patient condition reoccurrence

How Outsourcing Provides Benefits for Clinics

Both a clinic’s employees and its patients benefit from outsourced trained, discrete and dedicated data abstraction:

  • Higher confidence in data accuracy and reliability
  • Higher staff efficiency ratings
  • Decreased registry data errors
  • Improved ROI through the services of qualified and experienced data abstraction professionals

Experienced data and registry abstraction services comprising physicians, aware of the extent and impact of proper patient information management for the healthcare managers and administrators from all medical backgrounds are very organized as well as the patients. This background gives these services the insight needed to provide a high level of data efficiency and accuracy and improve a clinic’s performance.

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