How Custom Orthotics for the Foot in Columbus OH Will Save Money

by | Feb 8, 2017 | Healthcare

Many people will purchase over the counter inserts for their shoes when they have pain in their feet. That solution appears cost-effective at the time but will end up costing a lot of time and money. Mass produced inserts are fine for temporary use only. They provide extra cushioning for the foot but do not provide support or accommodate foot problems. People will spend more money replacing inserts, purchasing new shoes, and buying pain relievers than they would on a set of custom Orthotics Foot in Columbus OH. On addition to costing a small fortune in inserts, ignoring the problem will result in more pain and further damage to the foot.

Custom Orthotics Foot in Columbus OH will correct the problem, support the foot properly, and last much longer than store bought inserts. Pain can be indicating a muscle, tendon, circulation, nerve, or bone issue that requires medical attention. Once the problem is diagnosed, a prescription can be written for custom orthotics to remedy the issue. The feet of each patient are different and custom orthotics address specific needs to relieve pain, align the foot, and provide exact support where it is needed. Money is also saved because most durable medical equipment products are covered by major health insurance plans and companies. Professionally designed and fitted orthotics can be obtained for the cost of a co-payment, or no cost at all, depending on the policy.

Another advantage to having custom orthotics made is that patients benefit from the latest methods and technology. Advances that effect function, safety, and comfort are made constantly. Inserts purchased off a store shelf do not include up-to-date advances. Manufacturers are slow to incorporate new discoveries into their processes due to the cost and logistics of doing so in factories. Certified and experienced orthopedists attend seminars, workshops, and conferences to continue their education and keep updated on advances. They also have the equipment and flexibility to utilize new methods and materials faster. Those in need of custom orthotics can go to  to discover services and capabilities. Costs and insurance information will be shared, and questions answered, during a free initial consultation.

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