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Hearing Specialists in Houston, TX, Perform Detailed Examinations

If you develop hearing problems or ear pain, then your physician may recommend that you make an appointment with a hearing specialist in Houston, TX. During your appointment, your audiologist will perform a series of evaluations. After your examination has been completed, a treatment plan will be developed. Here are some things you can expect from your detailed audiology examination.

Visual Ear Exam

One of the first things your hearing doctor will do is perform a visual examination of your ear. He or she will look inside your ear with a special instrument known as an otoscope. The audiologist will evaluate your middle and inner ear for signs of inflammation, redness, fluid and eardrum abnormalities. The hearing specialist in Houston, TX, will also look for excessive earwax buildup and if found, he or she will attempt to remove it. Once the earwax has been removed, you may notice an improvement in your hearing.

Hearing Test

After the audiologist visually examines your ears, he or she will then proceed with your hearing test. Your hearing evaluation will assess your hearing acuity and may reveal if you are having trouble hearing high tones or lower tones. During your examination, you will also need to tell the audiologist if you are hearing unusual sounds inside your ears. Ringing, buzzing, clicking, or shooshing sounds may mean that you have tinnitus. Prolonged or severe tinnitus can indicate a neurological problem or mean that you are taking an ototoxic medication.

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