Health Care Services in Salem, OR for Acute Sinus Infections

by | Mar 19, 2020 | Health

Acute sinus infections cause facial pain, headaches, nasal congestion, thick nasal mucus, and loss of taste and smell. If not recognized and promptly treated, they can spread to other parts of the body. If you develop any signs or symptoms of an acute sinus infection, seek out health care services in Salem, OR, as soon as possible. Here are some interventions physicians implement in the treatment of acute sinus infections.

Prescribe Antibiotics
Acute sinus infections are often caused by bacterial organisms. If your doctor determines that your sinus problem is a result of a bacterial infection, antibiotics will be prescribed. In addition to eliminating the bacteria, antibiotics will also help you feel better.

Even though your symptoms may begin to subside after only a couple of doses, your doctor will advise you to finish your entire prescription. Failure to complete your entire prescription of antibiotics may result in antibiotic resistance.

Nasal Spray Corticosteroids
Another reason why you should seek out health care services in Salem, OR, is so that you can get prescription nasal spray corticosteroids. These are very effective in reducing sinus inflammation and restoring an effective pattern of breathing.

When you are unable to breathe through your nose because of severe sinus congestion, you may become short of breath, develop a sore throat, and experience a dry mouth. Your physician will explain that while nasal corticosteroids are effective in treating acute sinus infections, they are not recommended for long-term use.

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