Have Hammertoes in Hyde Park: What Podiatrists Want People to Know

by | Feb 2, 2022 | Health

Hammertoes get their name from their appearance. The joint gets stuck in an upward manner causing the toe to resemble a hammer. People who have this deformity often experience a lot of discomfort and pain. Here are some things podiatrists want people with hammertoes in Hyde Park to know.

Hammertoes Are Correctable

No one has to live with hammertoes, but correcting the deformity does require surgery. Podiatrists recommend surgery not only to correct the affected toe but the toe next to it. When hammertoes press against the second toe, this can cause the second toe to develop deformities too.

Are there natural ways to correct hammertoe?

Unfortunately, podiatrists don’t have another option for permanent relief other than surgery. Also, correcting the problem early is ideal. Hammertoes and mallet toes worsen with age.

Certain Footwear Is Linked to Hammertoes

Some people are more at risk of developing hammertoes because of the footwear they chose. Those who wear unsupportive shoes or spend a lot of time in heels are at an increased risk of this foot problem.

Hammertoes Aren’t the Same as Bunions

Don’t confuse bunions with hammertoes. A bunion is a bump that develops on the outside of the big toe. Hammertoe is a progressive joint problem that can affect one or more of a person’s toes.

Visit a Podiatrist to Discuss Treatment Options

People with hammertoes in Hyde Park have options. Get relief and go shoeless with confidence. To learn more about treatment options, contact Mitchell Foot & Ankle today.

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