Getting Skin Surgery in Lehigh Valley PA When Burn Marks Are Present

by | May 23, 2018 | Health

When someone has burn markings on their face due to an accident that had occurred, embarrassment about the appearance is sure to be a concern. Many people with disfigurements in the form of burn marks look for solutions to clear up the skin so this alteration is not as noticeable. Here are some steps to take to help reduce the redness and shininess often associated with skin burns.

Use Makeup To Obscure Markings

Makeup works well at hiding all types of skin flaws, including burn marks. It is best to use a green-based liquid concealer first to neutralize the skin tone color. Afterward, a skin-toned concealer will cover the green makeup nicely. Finish up the process with a skin-toned powder. High-quality makeup used for theatrics works well for burn mark covering. Make sure the makeup used is hypoallergic so it does not cause a reaction after application.

Try Hiding Marks With Appropriate Clothing

To help to hide burn marks on the face, clothing draped in the right way will cover portions as needed. Use a scarf around the neck or as a headpiece to keep markings out of view. Long earrings work well at hiding burn marks on the neck. A fashionable shirt with a turtleneck top also works well at keeping burn marks out of sight if they are located on the neck. A wide-brimmed hat helps to shadow the face to keep burned skin hidden as well.

Consider Getting Skin Surgery To Help

Seeing a practitioner to discuss options available in skin surgery in Lehigh Valley PA is an option to consider if markings are hindering everyday life situations. A doctor will look at the marks and determine whether skin from another portion of the body can be grafted over the marks. This process may need to be conducted a few times to obtain the desired results. A doctor will show the potential patient computer images to show the progress after a surgery is conducted.

When there is a desire to have Skin Surgery in Lehigh Valley PA, discussing options with a doctor beforehand is a must. Contact Kirit Kothari MD today to schedule an appointment to find out more.

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