Get Help for Your Feet with Hammertoes Treatments in Hyde Park

by | Apr 28, 2020 | Podiatrist

The feet are very important parts of the body. They allow a person to be able to stand and walk and perform many of the necessary tasks of their daily lives. However, certain issues with the feet can make it difficult to do many of the normal things people enjoy. It can also create pain and problems walking. Fortunately, there are medical facilities that specialize in the care of feet and ankles. They can provide assistance with many issues and offer Hammertoes in Hyde Park.

What is Hammertoe?

Hammertoe is a condition that can affect one or more toes of the feet. It most commonly occurs with the second or third toes of the foot or feet. This condition causes these toes to be permanently bent. This condition can be present at birth in some cases. However, more commonly, Hammertoe develops slowly over time. Often, the sufferer is not aware of the condition occurring until they notice the toes in the bent position and cannot relax them.

What causes Hammertoe?

Spinal cord or nerve damage has been known to cause hammertoe. A traumatic toe injury, arthritis, high foot arches, and tightened ligaments in the foot are also common causes of this issue. However, the most common cause of this condition is wearing ill-fitted shoes. Tight or pointed shoes can cause the toes to be pushed into a bent position throughout the day. Prolonged use of these shoes can cause the muscles to become unable to stretch out to the normal position.

Is there treatment for Hammertoe?

There are Hammertoes in Hyde Park that can restore feet and toes to their normal positioning. Often, the type of treatment depends on the cause of the hammertoe, as well as the severity of the condition. For most mild forms, orthotic insoles and padding may be able to properly align the toes to allow them to conform back to their proper positioning. For more severe cases, surgical procedures to realign the toes, muscles, and tendons may be necessary.

Providing the right care for feet and ankles is very important in ensuring pain-free standing and walking. Facilities, such as Mitchell Foot & Ankle, offer a variety of services and specialists to assist with a plethora of foot and ankle issues. This can allow anyone to care for their feet properly to ensure a pain-free lifestyle. Click here for more information.

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