Flying with a Highly Trained Nurse

by | Sep 3, 2019 | Online Md Blog

Critically ill people are generally advised not to travel far from home. However, when you have been given the all-clear by your doctor to fly somewhere to seek treatment, you may not want to make the journey all by yourself. Instead, you may want a highly trained registered nurse to make the flight with you. Talking a registered nurse from a local medical facility to take time off from work to travel with you can be a challenge. By enlisting the help of an emergency medical transport service, you can fly in the company of a registered nurse from the agency and know your medical needs will be addressed fully during the flight to and from your treatment. Flying with the aid of a nurse from an emergency medical transport service can be especially critical if you have heart disease and could go into cardiac arrest at any time.

The registered nurse flying with you can administer your lifesaving medications during the flight if necessary. He or she can also perform CPR if you go into arrest and need resuscitating. A registered nurse can also be a valuable ally to have on-board with you if you suffer from an illness like severe diabetes. You may need medical assistance if your blood sugar gets too low during the flight and you start going into a diabetic coma. The nurse can administer your insulin injection and give you a glucose tablet to bring up your sugar count. This service is available to the most critically ill of patients who cannot fly safely on their own. Your insurance provider may pay for part or all of the costs of the service for you. You can reserve a registered nurse to fly with you and find out more about the service on the agency’s website.

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