Five Items Your Adolescent Needs for Rehab

by | Jun 4, 2018 | Mental Health

You are on the correct track if you are helping your adolescent enter into a substance abuse treatment in Minneapolis. The chances of recovery are high because you have chosen the best course of action. Now is the time to help your adolescent prepare for the program and get everything together that he needs to thrive. Here are five things that you should send with him when he enters:

Encouraging Books

He is going to have some downtime, so you want to make sure that you provide him with something useful that he can use during his downtime. Gather some books that will inspire him. They can be religious books or just some books about how someone conquered something or got past an obstacle.

A Paper Journal

A diary or journal will be a wonderful gift for him to have because it will give him a chance to jot down his thoughts privately. He can make a recovery journal and then share it with others who need inspiration.


Slippers are a good item to have because he may want to spend a lot of time in his room lounging for the first few days. You can buy him a pair of fluffy ones that will lift his spirits or make him feel safe.


Make him a little bag that has all the daily toiletries he’ll need like lotion, toothpaste, mouthwash, soap and the like. He’ll feel more comfortable if he has those things on his person.

Your Love

Finally, the most important thing that he will need while he is in the program is your love. Anything is possible, including a full recovery, when a person knows that he has the full love and support of his parents. Make sure that you let him know how proud you are of him for his recovery decision and that you will be waiting for him when he gets out.

Your adolescent will be in the best of care at Options Family & Behavior Services, Inc. You can rest assured that this long-standing center for substance abuse treatment in Minneapolis will provide him with the nurturing and support he needs to succeed once he gets there.

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