Find The Mobility Aids In Pittsburgh PA That You Or Loved One Needs

by | Mar 7, 2018 | Health

If you or a loved one just returned home from the hospital, rehabilitation, or are recovering from an injury, mobility in the home can be difficult. Climbing stairs or transporting or in or out of a chair can be a challenge. With the help of Mobility Aids in Pittsburgh PA, an individual can remain independent in their home.

Hiring caregivers in a home to help lift a patient out of a chair or travel up or down the steps for them would not be cost-effective. If the inability to be mobile will last for longer than a few days, they should consider purchasing a chair lift or having a stair lift installed in their home. In addition to these mobility items, they should consider purchasing a wheelchair or walker that will improve their mobility even more.

Decreased Mobility

Decreased mobility will dramatically interfere with an individual’s enjoyment and freedom to remain in his or her own home. Individuals who remain in their home are happier and more comfortable than being placed in a nursing home or personal care facility. Whatever mobility problems an individual might encounter in their home, an experienced medical equipment company will help to solve their concerns.

Stair Lift

One mobility aid that will increase an individual’s freedom in their home is a stair lift. A stair lift is easy to get in and out of and will safely carry an individual up or down the steps. If there is a concern about the power going out, a battery backup can be purchased.

A common myth is that a stair lift will damage the stairs of a home. A stair lift will not damage the stairs of a home because it is not connected to the stairs. An individual will need to have an experienced medical supply company install it and it will need to be plugged into a regular outlet in a home.

Mobility Aids in Pittsburgh PA will help you remain independent. In addition to a stair lift, chair lifts can lift you from the sitting to the standing position. When you are ready to return to a sitting position, the chair will comfortably lower you back down.

McArdle Surgical Pittsburgh PA has many mobility aids. They will deliver them to your home, install them, and provide you instructions on how to use them.

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